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A friend of mine told me that making websites was easy. I believed him.

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Learning the hard way – accepting failure

When the sprint crashed and burned we learned so much more and came back stronger.

90% off Web Summit tickets if you happen to be a girl!

Kudos to Web Summit for doing something for the massive gender divide we have in the tech industry. There is┬áso much to say on why women don't go into tech, or progress in tech, but everything we can do to... Continue Reading →

Video: Why Scaling Agile Doesn’t Work

This is a really interesting talk about how to get real business value out of implementing agile in a large company

Extreme Programming – It’s not what you think

A short(ish) explanation of the XP fundementals

Why you shouldn’t believe something just because it was said with confidence

Why getting to the truth should be your goal, and how to leverage confidence gurus to enable you to get your message across.

How to get our more introverted team members to excel

The power of introverts and how to use this in agile

Another classic…

Video: Hitler at a sprint review.

When a project isn’t going well we need more processes not less

Why do people chuck away the rule book if they are on a tight deadline?

Still makes me laugh…

A funny scrum master video

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