When I left university, and trying to work out what the hell I wanted to do, a friend of mine told me that making websites was easy. I believed him. And there I was on my merry (but not completely easy) way to becoming a developer.

I was a bit of an oddity – a developer with a sociology degree. I was also the kid at school who gave in all their essays 2 weeks early due to some excessive time management skills. This unusual blend of traits meant that managing the delivery of projects kind of found me.

Since then I have gotten more and more involved in agile. For me it is so much more than a process, it’s learning to create a different culture within an organisation. And when done properly I have seen it have amazing results.

So here I am, theorising on the finer points of agile, still learning and still enjoying the challenge. I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of my musings. please do comment and let me know your own experiences.