This is one of my favourite ted talks. It’s definitely worth a watch.

In the tech industry we tend to see more introverts than in other industries. So we need to be aware of how they work differently so that everyone in the team can work at their best.

Here are a few things you can do to help make sure your introverts feel a little happier…

  • I would always suggest that collocation of teams is crucial for increasing communication and teamwork. But make sure team members have the opportunity to leave the group for a while and work on their own. Having meeting rooms designed for independent working is a great idea, or pods around the office where people can go and get some thinking time.
  • When you facilitate meetings be aware of the different personalities within the group. Don’t let extroverts inadvertently do all the talking. If you plan activities in meetings consider that not all of them have to be group activities.
  • Give team members early warning of things they might be asked to contribute to the group. I used to have a team who asked me to send them a plan of our retrospective’s activities so that they couldĀ have some thinking time beforehand to consider what they might like to contribute.